New Puppy Coming Home
This is a joyous time in the household if you remember three little words...firm, fair and consistent! Abiding by these words will ensure a very rewarding lifetime companionship between you and your dog.
Puppy must always go outside immediately after eating, playing, sleeping or every hour. It is very important to follow these simple rules:

1. Take puppy out the same door every time.
2. Take puppy to same spot outside every time.
3. Use a leash to take puppy outside.
4. Potty time is not play time.
5. As soon as puppy goes potty bring him back inside.
6. If puppy does not go within 5 minutes outside bring him back inside and put him in his crate for about 10 minutes and then try again.

Puppyproof your Home
Puppies are like babies, they want to explore and everything goes into the mouth!! Here is a list of some important things to consider:

1. Keep all household cleaners, mothballs, antifreeze, etc. in a closed or preferably locked cabinet.
2. No toxic plants should be within reach of puppy.
3. Check for electrical cords, plugs in tempting positions for puppy to chew, plastic bags and any of your children’s small toys or parts of small toys.

Supplies for Puppy
There are certain things your puppy will need as soon as he arrives in your home. In order to make homecoming smooth buy these items in advance of the big arrival day.

1. Crate
2. Water and Food Bowls
3. Puppy Food
4. Hard Nylon Bones (this may go with puppy in crate when you leave him)
5. Squeak toys that are large enough that puppy cannot swallow. (this may not go in crate when you leave him.
6. Collar and Leash
7. Comb and Brush

Your English Cocker will have been socialized by the breeder before you bring him home, however, it is your job to continue the socialization process. Always include puppy in your activities. For example when people come to your home for a visit have them spend a little time with the puppy. Petting him and talking to him and holding him. It is suggested that you give the visitors his favorite toy and let them play with him. If he is always in the midst of your activities he will begin to gain confidence for all situations that he will be in through out his life. You will have a well adjusted dog as your special companion.
Veterinary Care
When you purchase your puppy you will receive a brochure from your breeder as to the vaccines and other veterinary care the puppy has had prior to his homecoming with you. It is now your responsibility to keep puppy healthy and happy. Establish yourself with a veterinarian near where you live. Take the puppy for a visit and checkup to meet the Doctor and office staff. By securing a good business relationship with the veterinary office you will then be assured of quality care for your dog throughout his life.
It is always suggested to start puppy in a kindergarten class at about 12 weeks. This class is very loosely structured and will help you and puppy learn some basic obedience and ring skills as well as socialization with other dogs. Talk with your breeder about which type of classes they recommend.
Last but certainly not least lets talk about grooming. This can look like an insurmountable task when puppy reaches the age of about six to eight months. They have coat everywhere!!!! With the proper tools and a little time from you, puppy can always look fabulous. Here are a few tips to help you with your English Cocker grooming:

1. Completely comb out puppy every other day. This should only take you about 10 minutes even after he has his beautiful coat.
2. Coat King - this is a tool that you will use on the dogs “pattern” to keep him looking show ring perfect all the time. Talk to your breeder about this tool.
3. Every two weeks, after puppy has had a complete comb out he should have a bath and then be blown dry with a pin brush and hair dryer. Keep the dryer on warm not hot!! Your own hand held hair dryer is fine. Use a dog shampoo that your breeder recommends.
4. Most all of the products that I have mentioned above can be purchased at pet stores, catalogs, or dog show sites.
5. For more complete instructions for grooming talk with your breeder.

Dear Reader and Proud English Cocker Owner
I hope that these tips and suggestions will help you with your new puppy. Please remember you can always contact your breeder if you have any questions or just need to discuss something in more detail.

You have chosen an English Cocker Spaniel for your companion. I wish you much happiness and many years with your dear and special friend.

Best regards,

Rockback English Cocker Spaniels|AKC Breeder| Rohrerstown PA