Ch. Rockback Dream In Color

(Ch. Dawnglo Dreammaker X Ch. Foxfyre Goldie)

Date of Birth: October 18, 1996
Date of Death: October 22, 2009
Sire: Ch. Dawnglow Dreammaker
Dam: Ch. Foxfyre Goldie
Owner: Gayle Seropian
Eyes checked annually
Hips: Preliminary X-Ray: Excellent

Champion Get:
Ch. Rockback Ready to Wear - Owner - CathyAnn Litwin
Ch. Rockback Ruffles n’ Red Lace - Owner - Judith Price
Rockback Merrythought Return - pointed - Owner - Candy Carswell

Ch. Dawnglow Dreammaker CH Dawnglow Kettle Of Gold Ch. Lorjos Something Smashing
Tomeran Dawnglow Kelly
Lorjos Something Delightful II Baccardi's Askan
Lorjos Something Sensational
Ch. Foxfyre Goldie CH Dawnglow Daredevil Ch. Dawnglow Kettle Of Gold
Lorjos Something Delightful II
Foxfyre Midas Touch Ch. Mittenwald Harbor Master JH
Lorjos Something Adorable